35: Can You Be Successful Online Without Social Media?

March 16, 2016

Can You Be Successful Online Without Social Media? - The Marketing Huddle

Can You Be Successful Online Without Social Media?

Social media has become the go-to marketing channel for many companies because of its ability to reach the masses for a relatively low cost. The accessibility, reach and effectiveness of social media make it a smart choice for many businesses.

But, is social media for everyone?

Can companies be successful today without using social media?

That’s the question we discuss on today’s episode of The Marketing Huddle.

You also want to check out today’s episode because Stan brings his best Phoebe Buffay impression with his rendition of Smelly Cat. That alone is enough reason to listen!

Here is what we cover on the show:

  • We discuss four successful companies that are not using social media and why this approach works for them;
  • The key ingredients and conditions that make ignoring social media a viable approach for your business;
  • What social media can and cannot do for your brand.
  • Which marketing channels you need in place if you avoid social media; and
  • Why most businesses today actually DO need social media.

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1 Comment

  • Hi, I was “googling” if a business can succeed without social media and I happened to find this website. I listened to this episode (#35) and I really loved it, really insightful and gave me a lot of motivation the entire time… until, I heard the very last part, haha. Which was the question “…if you were just starting your new company and trying to determine your marketing resources, would you start with social?” And the answer was yes.

    I loved what Stan had to say about it and the reason why which would be from a listening stand point to understand what your new or prospect customers are talking about in regards to your product or service and that is without a doubt great for new companies.

    However, my question is, what if a new company wanted to try different strategies and techniques without social media, could this new company do it and still obtain success (if playing all the cards right)? Up until that last question, I thought you were also referring to start ups but I now believe you were mainly referring to existing companies with existing regular clients.

    I am thinking about starting my own business and it is nothing huge or extraordinary, (I am thinking about selling fragrances and skincare products) and would love to know if there are proven strategies that I could still benefit from as a startup without having to use social media.

    Thank you very much Laura and Stan for this awesome program!

    – Ingrid