28: Is Social Media Engagement Necessary for Your Business?

November 18, 2015

Is Social Media Engagement Necessary for Your Business?

Is Social Media Engagement Necessary for Your Business?

Social media engagement might just be one of the fluffiest terms in all of digital marketing.

If you read any content about using social media for business, chances are good that you’ve seen the recommendation that you need to “increase your social media engagement.”

But, there’s little information to back that up. And sadly, social media engagement is thrown around aimlessly as if engagement will solve all of a company’s social media challenges.

Not only is “social media engagement” overused, the term means different things to different people.

It often begs the question – what does social media engagement even mean?

Likes? Retweets? Comments? All of the above?

And more importantly, why do you need it?

Those are the questions we set out to answer in this episode of The Marketing Huddle. We’ll help take the mystery out of social media engagement and give you some real talk about whether all those likes, retweets, comments and hearts even matter for your business.

Here is what we cover on the show:

  • We define social media engagement so you know exactly what it is (and what it is not);
  • Why social media engagement matters to your business;
  • Why social media engagement should not be the goal for your social media efforts;
  • Whether you can be successful on social media without engagement;
  • Our top suggestions for increasing your social media engagement; and
  • Top tools for helping you with social media engagement.

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  • Hi Laura & Stan, I love this (and every) episode but I think there’s a really valuable piece to add that you didn’t really touch on. I think, even if your goal is to drive traffic but not necessarily get engagement, you may run into a problem with algorithms. Especially on Facebook, you really need that engagement to broaden your audience so that new contacts/customers are introduced and that would inherently lead to more traffic. So while I think you CAN be successful without engagement, it certainly helps in this regard to have engagement on social media.