29: Top Social Marketing Trends for 2016

December 02, 2015

Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

As digital marketing and social media continues to evolve, marketers must stay on top of the trends in order to get results.

Although we don’t recommend chasing the latest and greatest shiny object, it pays to understand how the marketing landscape is changing so you can adapt to it.

We don’t have a crystal ball handy, but we do have some ideas about where digital marketing is heading next year.

In this episode of The Marketing Huddle, we’ll share our ideas about the top marketing trends to watch in 2016 so you and your team can stay ahead of the curve.

Here is what we cover on the show:

  • How Facebook will continue to evolve into a rich content platform;
  • Why mobile is no longer simply a trend to watch, but a practice that’s integrated into your marketing approach;
  • What’s next for Twitter and what that means for you;
  • Google further distances itself from social;
  • How content, SEO and social media will become further integrated;
  • We debate whether video will continue to be prominent;
  • Why you should consider hypertargeting and social media advertising; and
  • Much, much more!

We pack a lot into this 20 minute episode – you don’t want to miss it!

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  • Great Post,

    As a digital marketer, I am always looking for new info and tools. Its is essential to keep yourself updated if you want to stay ahead of your competition.
    Facebook will definitely play an vital role in social media marketing.

    Thanks for sharing!!