34: How to Tell a Deep Story in a Shallow Social Media World

March 02, 2016

How To Tell A Deep Story in A Shallow Social Media World - The Marketing Huddle

How to Tell a Deep Story in a Shallow Social Media World

Thanks to social media’s success, there has been a land rush to get on board and take advantage of these new and exciting ways to reach your audience.

However, in doing so, the social networks have become crowded, noisy places where everyone is yelling louder to get heard above the noise.

One of the key tactics that has become so prevalent in social media is popcorn content – bite-sized content that’s easily consumed, but there’s not a lot of substance.

You know the ones… the head snapping headlines with Buzzfeed-like content with photo slideshows, infographics or quizzes to capture your attention for a few minutes before you move on to something else.

People gorge on this snackable content, but are still left hungry. Shallow, quick-hit content might attract eyeballs, but it does not create connection.

People want more.

If you truly want to build a legion of loyal and dedicated fans, it pays to go deeper with your content in order to create more meaningful connections.

Yes, this is much harder. But the payoff is much bigger.

In today’s episode of the show, we’ll talk about how to create deeper, more meaningful content that makes an impact with your audience.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Why deep stories and connections matter in today’s noisy world;
  • Why “popcorn content” is no longer good enough if you want to stand out;
  • Why the social sharing economy and social debt no longer pays off;
  • Why you should take time to learn more about your audience;
  • How to be more vulnerable with your content and why that creates deeper connections;
  • Why you should consider publishing less;
  • Why the story should focus on your audience and not your brand;
  • Key questions to ask yourself before you publish; and
  • Excellent examples of people and brands telling deep stories online.

We want to hear from YOU!

At the end of the show, we invited all our listeners to share with us how YOU are creating deeper, more meaningful content. Or, share with us examples of this kind of content you’ve seen in the wild.

Leave a comment. Talk to us on Twitter (@Mktghuddle). Send us an email at hello@themarketinghuddle.com.

The bottom line?

We’d love to hear from you. Ask a question. Share your thoughts. Or, just wave hello.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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1 Comment

  • You guys have a FABULOUS show! Very much enjoyed this episode. I work with a client who’s trying to grow her business, but the idea of working with 50-100 people instead of growing to the thousands — I think that’s a better fit for her, and this is a concept I’ve not heard before. I’ve sent her a link to this podcast and insisted she watch it.
    I’ve just watched the Jeremy Cowart video — WOW!! So powerful, and so much content, you need to watch it a few times to fully grasp all that he has done with his relatively short life.
    I listen on my iPhone while doing household chores like washing dishes, mopping the floors, and doing laundry. In fact, those chores are getting done a lot more often now that I’ve got a Podcast like yours to listen to. No more “whistle while you work'” — it’s “learn something new from your favorite podcast while you work”. What a great age we live in!
    Thank you so much for The Marketing Huddle! You’re inspirational, informative, and, now that I’ve seen your photos, absolutely adorable, both of you! 🙂