11: Should Your Business Advertise in the Yellow Pages?

July 29, 2015

Should Your Business Advertise in the Yellow Pages?

Should Your Business Advertise in the Yellow Pages?

Believe it or not, even in today’s digital age, businesses still ask us about advertising in the yellow pages.

As long as the phone book still exists, there will be salesmen going door-to-door peddling their phone books to local businesses.

If you’re a local business, you’ve likely been hit up for one of these ads. And, sometimes the sales pitch is so good that you’re wondering if it might make sense to buy a yellow pages ad after all.

If that question has ever crossed your mind, today’s show is for you.

Introducing a New Show Format

Also, you’ll notice that we’ve dramatically changed the format of the show this week. Instead of taking an hour to cover a variety of segments and a deep dive on a meaty topic, we’ve cut the show so it will always less than 15 minutes.

In fact, today’s episode is only 13 minutes. That’s right, 13 minutes.

We often tell our clients, readers and listeners to test new ideas. So, we’re eating our own dog food and doing the same thing with this new format of the show.

We know you’re busy. We know you’re pressed for time. But, we know you have pressing marketing questions that you want to get answered.

This new, shorter format will allow you to get some quick advice on ONE specific topic.

That means you can find the shows that answer your questions and quickly listen while you’re making breakfast in the morning, walking to the local coffee shop or while running a quick errand.

Because the show is so short, we’re also upping the frequency. So, we’ll have a new show next week. So, if you’re not interested in learning about yellow pages ads, come back next week to hear us talk about our best tips for building more referrals for your business.

Better yet? Subscribe to the show so you’ll never miss another episode. You can subscribe on iTunes or sign up for email updates and we’ll notify you once a new show is live.

We look forward to hearing your comments on this new format. Simply leave a comment below or send us a tweet at @mktghuddle. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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  • Great short format guys, loving the subject.
    Here in the UK you can register an entry on Yellow Pages for free! and just not take up the pay per click offering.They are not great at PPC services so use someone else that is or learn to do it yourself!

  • Hi Alan – Thanks for the comment. So glad you like the new format! You make a good point about registering for the yellow pages. Listings are usually free. It’s the advertising beyond the listings that typically cost you. The free listing doesn’t hurt, so you might as well do that much. Thanks for weighing in!

  • Other than the $600 actually being $6000 for Laura’s husbands front page Ad (Just in the local Yellow Pages issue I am sure and not the whole of Tennessee). I agree with your conclusions about Yellow Pages – However there was not test data backing up your claims. I have tested Yellow Pages with clients properly and the ROI is dismal. Laura, it would have been nice if you could have gone back over your husbands receipts against clients who came through the Yellow Pages. Even though a Lawyer’s hourly rate is HUGE compared to most local business services – I think that would have been a good comparison of how much revenue was generated from the $6,000 pound Yellow Pages advert.

    A flower shop for instance would certainly NOT be able to make a front page ad work in a small town even if you guys did benefit from it in the Pre-Internet days.
    All I am saying, is opinion is just that – without had test data backing it up. For anybody wishing to actually test Yellow Pages properly, then set up a telephone number JUST for your yellow pages advertising (and a unique URL if you go the online route nowadays)… the data will be accurate and in almost every business type – the returns are terrible. For instance an advertising agency designed ad created 2x calls for a leading paintball games location over a complete year in a city of 2.5 MIillion. That’s real data. Copyright Martin Sansone 2015, and shouldn’t be reproduced without my written consent.

  • Hi Martin – Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us! I can assure you that we did track that data on the yellow pages ads and the ROI on the spend was quite positive. Even though my husband is no longer running the ads, he is STILL getting clients from those ads because people haven’t thrown old phone books away!

    Thanks for the nudge to provide more specific data. We’ll be better prepared to share results next time.

    – Laura

  • I might be beanitg a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!