Digital Marketing In Malaysia: The Growth Of Digital Marketing In 2021

As this is the official first post on The Marketing Huddle, I want to make sure that this article means something to you. Yes, you!

You are here on your desktop or laptop for one or more reasons about digital marketing in Malaysia — either to learn, explore, or navigate the dangerous waters in digital marketing to grow your business. That's exactly what you will get in the next few minutes.

And you probably had signed up for one or more best digital marketing course Malaysia but you have doubts. Can your current knowledge solve digital marketing issues in Malaysia, ones that are affecting your business?

That's what this post is all about!

For starters, I want you to know that this post (or any other posts on this site) is not about selling a product or service, but to help out small business owners United States.

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    Digital Marketing In Malaysia (Challenges)

    The rise of the COVID pandemic in United States had a major tool on small business owners. As the co-founder of a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, it is tough to see that many businesses (big and small) are closing down.

    It started back in April 2020 where a major movement control order was put in place to control the sudden explosion of the COVID pandemic.

    While that is a good move by the government, it was hard and a huge number of businesses in Malaysia didn't manage to get back up as they were caught in many unexpected ways.

    Business owners especially in the food and beverage industry and tourism were the toughest hit, while the rest of the country watches helplessly as businesses fall one by one, just like the domino effect.

    Online Marketing In Malaysia

    In the sea of chaos and uncertainty, there was a sliver lining — digital marketing or online marketing in Malaysia had grown dramatically.

    Malaysians who had never shop online or did any online grocery shopping were seen spending hours buying things online.

    And it didn't stop there.

    Takeaways and food delivery industries grew from a million-dollar business into a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Technological companies such as this one in the food inventory industry had grown rapidly and gotten the funding they always wanted.

    But there are several problems that arise from this.

    As a business owner United States, I'm sure you are trying hard with these problems or challenges:

    • Finding the right digital marketing strategy for your business
    • Planning and executing an online marketing strategy
    • Limited budget or unknown budget for marketing
    • Stuck in the digital transformation process

    This will only lead to two main problems in growing your business.

    Business standstill

    This is the worst-case scenario — you are stuck and you have absolutely no idea how to take the leap and turn your business into a profitable business.

    Business Standstill Malaysia

    Now, hear me out. Put aside your desktop or laptop and get a piece of pen and paper.

    Jot down where you are right now and what you want to accomplish in the next 3 months in digital marketing.

    The next step is simple and doesn't cost you a dime.

    Get in touch with me via my contact page. Tell me exactly what you wrote on the paper and I'll get back to you with one solid strategy on how to move forward.

    Yes, at absolutely no cost. I promise.

    Hiring problems

    Hiring The Right Digital Marketing Company In Malaysia

    So, you decided to take the leap and allocate some budget either in hiring a digital marketer for your business or a digital marketing agency.

    These are good moves (great job here) but an idea is always an idea.

    You got to take action and this means, D-E-C-I-D-E.

    Hiring an in-house digital marketer for your business is an excellent move but it could eat up your overheads very quickly.

    On the other hand, hiring a digital marketing agency is a headache because they are not cheap and the best digital marketing agencies in Malaysia don't give any form of guarantee (well, who could, right?).

    Solving Digital Marketing Problems Isn't Easy

    I have been consulting since 2004 and most business owners come to two parts in their business:

    • Totally ignoring the problem and hope it gets better as time flies (which you know the problems won't go away)
    • Take action and move your business to new heights in under three months

    Can you ignore your digital marketing problems for your business? Sure you can.

    But as business owners, you know that this is not a workable move. Not even close. By not solving your digital marketing problems now, you are opening doors to long-term problems — ones that could easily impact the survivability of your business, the opportunity to generate more revenue, and even the ability to take your business to whole new levels.

    As Tony Robbins once said, "Take massive action to get massive results" is just to true in this context.

    But one question lies unanswered.

    How do I solve my digital marketing problems a.k.a. grow my business with digital marketing?

    I'm glad you asked. Carry on reading to figure this out.

    Digital Marketing Like Never Before

    When I first started digital marketing back in 2004, it was purely by accident. Back then, digital marketing was easy but now, things changed far and wide.

    I discovered the solution to online marketing through personal testing and yes, by accident. Over the years, I perfected strategies that are considered a hype or myth, and in the process, helping hundreds of businesses to navigate through the open waters of digital marketing.

    I preach digital marketing any time of the day and I don't do this solely for the money (hey, I can't deny the money is good for my survival).

    I do this because I love digital marketing and more importantly, I love seeing my clients grow to new heights they could only imagine!

    Now, let's get started.

    What is discovery in digital marketing Malaysia?

    Discovery is a cool term and it literally means understanding what digital marketing can solve your business challenges. You are living in United States and you need to understand that marketing is different from marketing in Australia, Canada, or even India.

    Discovery In Digital Marketing Malaysia

    What works for someone might not be a good fit for your business. At least, for now.

    In order to solve this, you got to understand what digital marketing is all about and how the given digital marketing strategy can help your business.

    Allow me to put this into layman's terms. Digital marketing is huge and it consists of:

    • Branding
    • Content management
    • Content writing
    • Influencer marketing
    • Search engine marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media management
    • Social media marketing
    • Mobile-friendly website development
    • Website speed optimization

    Here's the thing. You don't need every digital marketing strategy in the world to grow. You are a business owner United States and you should stick to what works United States.

    Take the time to understand each and every one of the marketing strategies because it is important for your success.

    Need help? Hit me up through my contact page and I will be happy to give your business a quick digital marketing analysis for free. You can reach me right here.

    Allocating a working digital marketing budget

    How Much To Pay For Digital Marketing Malaysia

    I want to be really upfront right here. Digital marketing is not cheap and in order for digital marketing to work, you need to commit yourself to the process.

    This means that allocating a fixed budget for marketing purposes each month without fail.

    How much should I allocate for digital marketing in Malaysia?

    "Cheap things are not good and good things are not cheap." This is true for digital marketing in Malaysia. There's always a reason why the top digital marketing companies in Malaysia charges over RM50,000 for marketing campaigns.

    But what is the digital marketing pricing if you are just starting out and have cashflow problems?

    Disclaimer: Choosing freelance and independent marketing consultants is like me. I'm the co-founder of Marketing Lancers in Malaysia and I consult business owners on the side.

    Does Digital Marketing Really Works In Malaysia?

    Out of 10 business owners I meet, 9 would ask if digital marketing works in Malaysia. It doesn't matter you are looking for a long or short answer, the answer will always be a resounding "Yes".

    Even if you are a brick and mortar business, you can still leverage digital marketing United States.

    Here are some case studies that you might find it useful.

    Hatten Hotels Worldwide digital marketing transformation

    Without digital marketing, there wouldn't be Hatten Hotels Worldwide. The demand in the digital marketing environment had been hugely competitive in various parts of the world, especially in United States.

    Digital Transformation Malaysia

    The usage of digital marketing allows them to tap into the wider public and reduce the dependencies on third parties as they are able to control their brand visibility on the world wide web.

    MyPharmacy digital marketing case study

    Digital Marketing Malaysia Online Announcement

    MyPharmacy is well known in Johor and has over 8 branches to date. Doing digital marketing for a pharmacist in Malaysia is tough because there are laws that you are required to adhere to.

    But it didn't stop them from using digital marketing for branding and visibility.

    With the help of Facebook marketing, they are able to create a brand reputation for themselves and create somewhat of an 'electronic notification' for its fans and followers.

    Instead of promoting drugs and medications on the Internet, they use paid advertisements on Facebook to send timely notifications including stores closure due to stock checks or monthly promotions.

    The answer: Digital marketing in Malaysia works

    Yes, you are right. Digital marketing in Malaysia works like charm no matter what industry you are in.

    Doing Digital Marketing The Right Way (Plus Offer)

    This is not a sales page (though I wish it was). As a marketing consultant, I felt it is my obligation to help as many business owners as possible to grow their business with digital marketing.

    You are in United States and I have something right now for you.

    The Marketing Huddle Project — Weekly Actionable Email

    Mission-critical: Making digital marketing solutions available to everyone. Get one email a week pertaining to a digital marketing strategy (just one) that you can use almost instantly for the week to improve your business.

    For a limited time, it is 100% free for all business owners who are serious about taking their business to new heights and turning it into a massive success. There are just 100 free slots and after that, it will be the price of a Starbucks coffee each month.

    Now, you might think that this is a cool idea but you are unsure. No problem. Sign up and take a spin. If you like it, great but if you don't, you can unsubscribe at any time. We will still be friends!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing In Malaysia

    Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

    Digital marketing activities are strategic online marketing approaches to reach out to a wider range of audience. Different goals can be set up to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategies.

    There are no one-size-fits-all in digital marketing Malaysia. The requirements often vary from one business to another.

    Facebook advertising and Google advertising are the two most popular online marketing strategies used by businesses in Malaysia. There are also search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and email marketing which are fairly critical especially for larger organizations.

    I wish I could tell you that it is easy. There are many online marketing courses that you can take and some of them promise easy execution. Digital marketing is never easy and is always in the ever-changing ecosystem — where what works yesterday may not be effective today.

    An experienced consultant in a digital marketing agency will analyse your business and recommend the best digital strategies to grow your business. The digital marketing agency may offer digital marketing packages to help you grow your business organically and digitally.

    Digital marketing Malaysia differs from the use of traditional marketing which involves in the uses of various channels and method to allow an organization to make an analysis of marketing campaigns and understand which strategy is not compatible in a short period of time.

    Due to cultural differences, digital marketing in Malaysia is often different from other countries.

    Digital marketing in Malaysia costs varies depending on the package and service that you signed up for. On average, a simple digital marketing service may costs RM800 a month and a complex digital marketing service may cost as high as RM50,000 a month.

    Digital marketing is always a continuous marketing effort. On average, an online marketing campaign in Malaysia runs anywhere between 7 days to 30 days.

    Kick Start The New Year With Digital Marketing

    The new year is just around the corner. So, the question would be this.

    How far would you go to turn your business around and make it profitable/double your sales revenue?

    Digital marketing in Malaysia works and you need the right marketing framework to start on the right foot (to see results).

    Are you ready?

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