How Much Does Content Marketing Costs In Malaysia Year 2021?

Content marketing price in Malaysia. I am known for being controversial at times and this is just one of them. In Malaysia, it is hard to see digital marketing agencies sharing their service prices. This is because the market condition is so competitive and no agency would want to lose to their competitors due to price war.

But, that's an approach I took differently in Marketing Lancers, a fully online digital marketing agency in Malaysia. I believe that marketing comes first and not "I'm worried someone would copy my price" — so to speak.

So, here's what you are going to get in this post: Discover how much content marketing costs in Malaysia.

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    What Is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Wikipedia.

    For business owners like yourself, content marketing is all about using the right words and at the right time to turn readers into customers.

    Content marketing works (if you are wondering) and it doesn't matter what industry you are in. A well-written content will always outperform any generic content and/or paid advertisements. Hands down.

    Here are two common places where content marketing takes place.

    Content marketing on your brand website

    By using the right content on your website, you can create expectations and paint a clearer picture of what your business is to your first time customers.

    The usage of dynamic content, for example, is a powerful content marketing strategy.

    Content Mfrketing Guide for Brand Website

    Content marketing for sales pages

    Content Marketing Guide for Sales Pages

    For eCommerce business owners, you know that having a sales page matters a lot for your business.

    A well-crafted sales page (using the right words and call to action, for example) can improve your conversion rate by multiple folds.

    In this case, the usage of power words will manipulate the mind (in a good way) and that will convince the buying process.

    A sales page is useless if the content doesn't have a strong hook to convince the readers to take action.

    How Much Does Content Marketing Costs In Malaysia?

    Let's just right into the content marketing price in Malaysia, shall we?

    Yes, before you start throwing rotten eggs at me.

    There is something you need to know. What you are going to discover here are my content marketing pricing — not the Malaysia's best industry-record content marketing price.

    In other words, it is easy to say that there will be agencies or freelancers who might charge more or less than I do right here at

    To understand if it is the best content marketing price in Malaysia, I'll share some tips towards the end of this article. You don't want to miss that for the world!

    Content marketing price in Malaysia

    I don't believe in charging an arm and leg for content marketing. I rather charge what you want me to do (to get results) and nothing more.

    For me, a good price would start anywhere from RM1,000 to RM5,000 a month.

    Content Marketing Price In Malaysia

    Here's a quick table for comparison purposes.

    Content marketing strategy Basic Advanced Comprehensive
    Content creation 1 - 3 contents 3 - 5 contents 5 - 10 contents
    Graphic creation Stock images Custom images Custom images
    Content optimization Basic Advanced with A.I. software A.I. software & human checking
    Content maintenance Not included Included once a month Included twice a month
    Content reporting Basic reporting Advanced reporting Detailed reporting

    Why Is Content Marketing In Malaysia Expensive?

    Content marketing is not a Tom, dick and Harry show. Sure, you can hire anyone to write content for you but only experienced content writers can produce content quality that will play a significant role in your marketing campaigns.

    When it comes to content marketing price in Malaysia, I like to classify them into two parts.

    Part 1: Freelancers

    Great freelance content marketers are hard to come by these days — but if you manage to find one, you should keep it!

    They are affordable and could work on a handful of projects at one go.

    Freelance Content Marketing Malaysia

    Part 2: Agencies

    Content Marketing Agency

    Hiring an agency for your content marketing needs is a great move if you have the money. Agencies are often structured and less flexible.

    You will be paying way more than hiring freelancers but you get more firepower and more headcounts per project.

    Is Content Marketing Right For My Small Business?

    You have doubts and I get it. You hear your friends, peers and even family members saying that social media ads or Google ads are better than content marketing.

    They are right ... up to a certain level.

    Content marketing is the long game and when played right, you will be able to leverage it for years to come. Not just like paid advertisements where you get traffic and sales ONLY when your ads are running.

    How to know if content marketing is right for my business?

    Get professional help

    This is where I promote myself (shamelessly) that I'm the best you can find in the market. Well, not really — but I know that I'm that good (that's why you are able to find this article).

    Professional Content Marketing Agency

    I started all these online marketing stuffs back in 2004 and I started without any help. Yes, I had to learn my way in and up and it takes years, not even months or weeks.

    The sole purpose of creating The Marketing Huddle is all about giving back to the community, making digital marketing affordable (and free in some parts) to business owners who need it.

    Here's something for you (I recommend you to grab it ASAP).

    Content Marketing That Doesn't Sucks

    Mission-critical: You want to get your feet wet in the content marketing world but you have absolutely no idea where to start. You need help and you need it fast.

    For a limited time, get into The Marketing Huddle Project where it is 100% free for all business owners who are serious about taking their business to new heights and turning it into a massive success (with content marketing). I am giving 100 business owners in Malaysia (it's much lesser now) free consultancy and support with content marketing.

    Now, you might think that this is a cool idea but you are unsure. No problem. Click on the button below and take a spin. If you like it, great but if you don't, there's no string attached. Plus, we will still be friends!

    How Fast Can I See The Impact From Content Marketing Efforts?

    If content marketing is done right, you should see the first impact within three to six months. Yes, content marketing is not the special blue/red/green pill that will transform your business overnight.

    However, a well-crafted content marketing will play a significant role in your business's growth and visibility up to five years or more.

    So, the ROI from content marketing efforts is definitely there.

    Where To Get Help With Content Marketing Malaysia?

    Through experience, I am guessing that up to 70% of you guys (and girls) who reach this section are still in doubts with content marketing.

    And hey, that's absolutely normal.

    Here's how I can help you for free (yes, it's 100% free). Get in touch with me (using this link) and tell me your concerns. I'll get back to you within 24 hours on some tips and tricks to help you discover if content marketing is right for you.

    Sounds good? Get started here.

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