What Is Dynamic Content On A Website (And Why It Matters In 2021)?

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Welcome to dynamic content and in today's article, you are going to learn what is dynamic content on a website and why dynamic content is important in 2021 (and beyond).

The growth of digital marketing in Malaysia had resulted in many integration and advancement into the technology world. Nowadays, it is common for business owners to have a website and even doing Facebook advertising in Malaysia.

I have been doing online marketing since 2004 and it has never fail to fascinate me on the crazy growth in this industry, especially in Malaysia.

In year 2020,we had seen artificial intelligence (AI) taking center stage in multiple industries and fields — and the year 2021 is will be no different.

As a matter of fact, year 2021 will be the beginning where websites will be leveraging the true power of dynamic content.

Let's dive in to learn more about dynamic content and how you ca implement on your site.

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    What Is Dynamic Content On A Website?

    Dynamic content on a website represents customization on the way the content is displayed to a website visitor.

    For example, a first time visitor will be greeted differently compared to a repeated visitor on his/her 3rd visit to the site.

    Dynamic content is a web-page or email component that changes. Typically, changes are based on user signals that include in-session behavior, user data, and user-characteristics. In-session behavior- Adapt content based on what pages they visit, which products they add to cart, and how long they spend on site.

    Why Is Dynamic Content Important?

    Ultimately, dynamic content brings in more revenue by increasing website visitors, converting more visitors to buyers, and helping to sell more of your products and services through customization and engagement.

    Dynamic content on a website plays vital roles especially in these fields.

    Customize greetings with dynamic content on a website

    Looking for a great first impression? Consider using greetings to "WOW" your website visitors.

    Using dynamic content, you can easily customize the greetings for each type of visitors.

    Custom Greetings in Dynamic Content

    Custom content improves engagement and conversion

    Dynamic Content Creates User Engagement

    Custom content is critical in improving and increasing the conversion rate for a specific blog post, landing page or sales page.

    With custom content, you can resonate better with the visitors and ultimately, making sales.

    Dynamic content is defined as any digital or online content that changes based on data, user behaviour and preferences. This can be text, audio or video format content.

    Facebook is an excellent example of a site that delivers dynamic content, as every user gets different content based on their friends and social interactions, although the layout stays generally the same.

    In static web pages, pages will remain same until someone changes it manually. In dynamic web pages, content of pages are different for different visitors.

    How To Enable Dynamic Content On My Website?

    Creating and enabling dynamic content on your website can be tricky especially when you have limited website/coding knowledge.

    But that, there are several important factors to remember when it comes to enabling dynamic content on your website.

    • Getting the basics such as number of visits, mobile devices etc is important
    • Heavily customized dynamic content is recommend only when you are able to map out the visitor's journey
    • Focus in making it simple for both you and your team members

    Enabling dynamic content on WordPress

    WordPress powers around 35% of the entire websites in the world — and there's a huge chance you are using WordPress for your business website.

    If-So is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows you to create dynamic content without coding skills.

    Dynamic Content In WordPress

    Summary: Dynamic content for marketing in 2021

    There is no denying that digital marketing in 2021 will be much different as compared to the year 2020.

    If you want to get more leads, higher conversion and more revenue for your business, I recommend you to work on the dynamic content on your website right now!

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