How To Start Selling Online In Malaysia In 2021 [Fast Guide To Success]

If you are constantly thinking "how to start selling online in Malaysia" and "how to become an online seller in Malaysia", you are going to find real answers here.

Scroll down and you will find everything you need to know about starting an online business in Malaysia, seller requirement to start an online store and popular eCommerce marketplace that you can start selling anything from digital product to physical products.

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    How to become an online seller in Malaysia?

    How To Become An Online Seller In Malaysia

    The most basic part is to have a business registration with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). Here, you can register a business in under an hour and costs you under RM80 per year.

    It is important to have a business license if you are serious in selling products in Malaysia.

    8 Free eCommerce platforms in Malaysia to start selling online

    Malaysia is home to some of the largest eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Here is a list of the best and free eCommerce platforms for Malaysian business owners:

    • Shopee
    • Lazada
    • Mudah
    • Carousell
    • 11Street
    • eBay Malaysia
    • Qoo10
    • YouBeli
    • Fave / Groupon

    You don't have to be on every eCommerce platform available but you should be at least in two or three of the top ones.

    Personally, the choice of eCommerce platform depends heavily on the products you are selling.

    Here's an example.

    Shopee Best for free shipping, rebates and discounted items from overseas
    Lazada Reliability, rebates and a good range of local sellers
    Mudah Popular option for trading vehicles and properties
    Carousell Popular option for trading technological items and fashion wear
    11Street Popular option for fashion wear and technology items
    Fave Best for selling vouchers that relate to recreational and food and beverages
    eBay Malaysia Sells everything under the sun
    Qoo10 A general marketplace that provides a good range of categories for online sellers
    YouBeli A general marketplace that provides a good range of categories for online sellers

    Which online shopping platform should you start with?

    Best E Commerce Platform Malaysia

    This is a tough one to and the choice of the best E Commerce platform or online marketplace matters most on the type of online business you are running.

    With the assumption that you don't have an E Commerce website, here are some of the best online marketplace that you should promote and sell your products.

    How to sell on Shopee? (start selling online)

    Become An Online Seller On Shopee

    The seller requirement is rather low and you can create a free Shopee seller account using your identification card and a mobile phone number.

    After verifying your account, you can start the process of selling your product or products on Shopee. You are not required to upload your business registration.

    How to sell on Lazada? (start selling online)

    The seller requirement on Lazada is higher and you can create a free Lazada seller account using email or mobile phone number. An identification card is required during the verification process.

    Become An Online Seller On Lazada

    If you are looking for more advanced seller account features to sell and promote your products online, you are required to upload your business registration and tax registration certificate for verification.

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    Why choose Shopee and Lazada online marketplace over other E Commerce marketplace?

    How To Find The Best E Commerce Marketplace In Malaysia

    When it comes to digital marketing and promotions, both Shopee and Lazada are dominating the online market industry. Malaysians who use either one of these E Commerce platform often see positive growth in their online business especially when they engage in the various promotions hosted by the online marketplace.

    For example, hot selling category and hot selling item are often used by various E Commerce store to build traction and boost the ability to sell more. At the same time, the countdown timer helps boost the fear of missing out (time limitation) will also encourage a person to make a purchase without much thinking or consideration.

    Summary: Online business opportunities with E Commerce marketplace

    eCommerce Selling Online

    The constant threat from COVID-19, unemployment in Malaysia and the needs of building an alternative income stream are key drivers for eCommerce growth in Malaysia.

    If you are still on the fence if you should become an online seller, don't wait and get started right now. There is no better time to start an online business in eCommerce than now!

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