5 Online Business Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Business Almost Instantly

Online business mistakes and mistakes business owners do online is something that anyone who owns a small or large company should be aware of. It's not just about generating leads, it's also important to focus on what makes those people bite in the first place and how you can bring them into your web page for long-term benefits.

We all know you shouldn't put out bait without thinking if fish will even take it, but this still happens with marketing as well sometimes!

In this article, I'm going to talk about some of the mistakes business owners make when doing business online. Some of these mistakes include not having a clear call to action, putting out too many offers at once, and offering insufficient information.

To give some context to the article, I am a serial entrepreneur from Malaysia and I had my fair share of success (and failures) with multiple online businesses. Throughout this post, I will also share some of the best practices I use for promotion.

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    Lack of clarity is one of the most common online business mistakes

    The first mistake that business owners make is not having any clear call to action. What does this mean? A lot of times when we write articles, videos or podcasts (and even sales letters), it gets pretty long-winded and we do a lot of talking. We talk about our online business, we tell the story of how we got started online, and in some cases, we might even give away information that is normally paid for.

    Business Clarity Online Business Mistakes

    When you are doing online marketing for your business, there's too much competition for people to read your entire article before they make a decision. Try to keep it short and sweet, and give a clear call to action in the last line of your online ad.

    Offering too many promotions at the same time

    Too Many Choices Online Business Mistakes

    Another online business mistake is trying to put out too many offers at once. I've seen some business owners come online with dozens of online promotions they're promoting at the same time, thinking that if they put out a bunch of online promotions, they'll get more online sales.

    The problem with this approach is that it confuses the customer. Instead of promoting only one online business at a time online, be selective about what online business you promote online. For example, I only promote my main product (a downloadable Ebook on paper cutting) online and I use online marketing to generate leads for my online business.

    Aiming online traffic at your online business is a bit like fishing. You can't just throw out the bait and expect fish to bite on it every time - you need to put thought into what makes them bite. Think of online promotion as simply being bait, and instead think about online promotion as online fishing.

    Focus on online marketing to bring people into your online business that will then pay you money, not just online ads that make you a sale the first time they come online.

    Lack of clear information about your products or services

    Confusing Information

    The third online business mistake I see made is offering insufficient information in your online ad and sales letter. How many times do you see an online ad online that offers you help with an online business, but the sales letter doesn't really teach you anything?

    When writing a sales letter or online ad, think of yourself as a teacher. You're not selling online products or online services - you are teaching them how to run their business better. If they come into your program (or subscribe to your service) and don't get a lot of help, they're not going to come back.

    Avoid this online business mistake: Recycling and reusing your content (too many times)

    Recycling Information Online Business Mistakes

    The fourth online business mistake I see online is using the same online marketing message for every business. For example, if you have three different online businesses and you use one main promotion online to generate leads (for example your article about marketing errors) you are really only getting leads for one online business and not the others.

    If you use just one main promotion (or ad) that runs on all three of your websites, it's a recipe for disaster. This is because you're diluting your message online and not directing customers to the specific online business they need to go to - resulting in lost potential sales.

    If you do choose to promote only one online business for each ad, trial and test different versions of your main promotion (or ad). Run the same promotion on different websites that target different audiences. While you may lose some clicks (and potential customers), it will pay off in the future when they come back to purchase something from your website.

    You can use a split testing software program to track which version of your online marketing message is more effective for your business and why.

    You are not asking the right questions

    The final online business mistake I see a lot of new internet marketers committing is not asking enough questions before they invest money into an opportunity. For example, if you want to promote network marketing companies on the internet (instead of online businesses), don't just buy a website that has all the network marketing company names on it and run your ad for that.

    Asking Wrong Questions in Business

    Instead, ask the person you're buying through if they have any customers for this business. Ask what kind of response they get from running ads on their site, how much traffic do they get (check it with Alexa), and what kind of sales do they make.

    You can save yourself a lot of trouble (and money) by asking the right questions first before investing in an opportunity.

    If you're not careful, mistakes made online can be costly ones as well. By making sure you avoid these five online business mistakes, you'll see more internet marketing success to come.

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