8 Worst Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

It’s no secret that marketing is a difficult and ever-changing field. With so many options for reaching customers, it can be tough to know which ones are best.

The worst part?

There are many people out there who will give you bad advice about marketing online, which could end up costing you time and money. Here are the 8 worst marketing tips for small business owners and what to do instead.

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    1. Focus on building your email list

    This is true in most cases but not always! Sometimes a better strategy might be focusing on social media or content creation. It's important to start with only one platform and then see how well it does before investing too much into another one. By focusing on a single platform, you can create laser-specific content and reduce your marketing spending too.

    Build An Email List

    2. Build an email newsletter subscription box on your blog

    Same as above. Just because you see it everywhere doesn't mean that everyone's doing it. There's no harm in trying though! If you have a lot of traffic, an email newsletter might be a good way to communicate with your customers so they don't forget about you.

    A better strategy would be offering a perk for joining your email list — instead of just asking them to follow you on email.

    3. Ask for Facebook followers on your website

    If you have a blog, it's best to get people to follow you on Facebook by sharing interesting content that they'd want to read. But don't clutter up your website with too much stuff like this! It makes it hard for visitors to see what's important.

    Focus on your content, SEO and overall marketing goal and your traffic will increase.

    4. Use an auto-responder to sell products

    What Is Auto Responder For Email Marketing

    An auto-responder might work for a physical product but it's going to sound weird or too salesy if you're selling an eBook or a service. If you want to set up something like this, use sequences instead and only sell to a warm audience.

    5. Promote your content with Facebook ads

    Only promote your content on Facebook if there are a lot of people already talking about the topic. Otherwise, you're going to look like an amateur and no one will click on your ads!

    Low performing ads will only burn a hole in your marketing budget with no clear profit in the pipeline.

    6. Link back to your website from every social media profile

    You might want to have this somewhere in the footer or sidebar of your site but don't plaster it all over every social media profile.

    This makes it look like you're spamming people and no one will want to follow or friend you on Facebook or Twitter.

    A good solution is to drive the social media traffic to a dedicated landing page that gives the audience a quick overview of who you are, what you are selling and how you can connect with them.

    Backlink for SEO

    7. Do guest posts for other blogs

    Guest posting is a good option to build backlinks for SEO but overdoing it will lead to more problems.

    Make sure you are promoting the right content with the relevant anchor text. If you have no idea how to go around with this, it is best to work with an SEO specialist who can advise you on the best strategy moving forward.

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    8. Buy Facebook and Twitter ads to get traffic

    This is okay as long as you're doing it the right way. You're going to need an audience before buying any ads so collect email addresses or try guest blogging first. Make sure to check your settings and be aware that organic reach could be decreasing on Facebook if you are penalized.

    Summary: Worst Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    These are some of the worst marketing tips for small business owners in United States.

    Have something to share? Leave a comment and let's share what you have in mind!

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